Personalized URL - PURL

PURL is a web application provided to you as a service conceived to enhance your marketing campaigns with a personalized response mechanism (questionaires, surveys, etc.). HDTPURL creates a separate URL for each of your clients you want to target.

Adaptable to your direct marketing needs; You can use HDTPURL service to

  • Further increase direct marketing response rates.
  • Create more effective and relevant multi-channel direct marketing campaigns.
  • Collect additional qualifying information about your prospects.
  • Generate qualified leads to your sales people.
  • Track and manage generated responses with quality data.

PURL complements your direct marketing campaigns

Personalized URL for each of your clients in your target market
  • Use your mailing list (database) to automatically generate personalized URL’s for each individual (record) in your client list.
  • Joe Smith curious with his name in the URL will visit his own private and personalized section on your website. PURL Example:
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Communicate to your target market
  • Include PURLs on your choice of media. Example:
    • Send personalized emails with PURL
    • Print PURL addresses on your direct marketing mailouts with variable images and data
    • Develop scripts on your website
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Landing page microsite for each of your clients in your target market
  • Landing pages with your website look and feel integrate and expand your marketing campaigns. Example:
    • Joe visits your landing page with the PURL you have provided him
    • Your landing page adapts to Joe with variable images and data.
    • Joe answers your questionnaire online, which are saved in the database
  • Send auto respond & reminder emails. Example:
    • Joe agreed to receive a reminder for the event he subscribed on the landing page
    • Joe gets subscribed to the company newsletter while his record gets saved with the new and/or updated information
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Track and manage results
  • Benefit from tracking and managing the responses based on your KPI’s. Reports:
    • See which of your users visited your landing page
    • See all responses to your questionaire
    • Export results in other applications
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